Entrepreneur Somayeh Noor Makes Billion-dollar Investments in Prime UAE Real Estate Projects

Somayeh Noor,

Entrepreneur Somayeh Noor's zeal for life can be seldom matched. She is the go-getter mind behind the string of successful billion-dollar investments in prime UAE real Estate Projects. She, as the Managing Partner, Global Asset Management, and Wealth leader, strategizes the firms' investments in an array of projects. She supervises the firm's research team to shortlist potential leads and funds for the company. Her expertise and wise decisions have led to a recognizable growth in overall company assets. Somayeh mostly invests in the high return sectors, especially real-estate.

Somayeh's father inspired her to be an independent woman. Her life has been about building herself from scratch. In her teens, she was learning and exploring investments. She has made substantial investments in prime real-estate projects across UAE and is a renowned real estate expert. She also authored a book, "Success Vitamins," which is immensely popular for the key insights shared by Somayeh on Personal Growth and Development.

Following in her father's footsteps, Somayeh is working hard to contribute to the community. Her life's purpose is aligned to empowering women. "My father taught me about the importance of giving back a long time ago. It has been something I have held close to me for a long time.", says Somayeh. She is committed to developing women's power and influence in the Middle East. Enabling women and creating more job opportunities for women in all sectors has been her personal goal for years. She also actively contributes to several charities working for treating Cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Somayeh Noor is popularly known as women of mettle. Her unique fashion sense is conservative yet graceful. She was recently nominated as the most fashionable businesswoman in the UAE. She strongly believes class and elegance are vital assets, especially when it comes to business orientation and development. Given her impeccable sense of Fashion, She is launching her own design label this year.

She claims her understanding of the economy has influenced her prime investment decisions, especially in real estate. However, Somayeh shares that her achievement today rests on years of arduous work, focus, and sheer determination.