Entrepreneur Rohit Golia talks about onboarding the best talents under 'The Plug Media'

Rohit Golia

As the digital world delves further into the social media marketing spectrum, it unfolds new opportunities to commercialize & avail. The only digital agencies that can stand their ground in this rapidly evolving era, are those that adapt to the new trends in the least amount of time. The Plug Media is one such company, covering all aspects of influencer marketing and finessing its way to the top of the list. The masterminds behind it are young entrepreneurs––Rohit Golia and Apoorv Bhatnagar.

Together, they have built up this agency from the ground, and are now playing in the big leagues, with their roster of talents that turn heads all over the country. This stellar list includes the likes of Meghna Kaur, Shruti Sinha, Mohit Hiranandani, Usaamah Siddique, Settle Subtle, and a lot more such talented creators, who have been and continue to be on the top of the wave in their respective creative fields. Co-founder Rohit Golia said that the idea behind The Plug Media's birth was intertwined with the foundation of his friendship with some creators. Being a closely-knit group, Rohit himself often dished out management advice to their friends who were in the process of building their creative social media profiles & were struggling with management. On identifying the different potholes in the communication framework between the creators and brands, he decided to bridge this gap which resulted in him founding The Plug Media.

Rohit holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounts, a PGD in Marketing, and a Master's degree in International Business Management, from the University of Exeter (UK). These academic accomplishments coupled with his knack for business, helped Rohit make headway with The Plug Media. Speaking on his first steps with the company, Rohit stated, 'The creators we onboarded in the very beginning are some of my oldest and closest friends. This familiarity gave us a great head start. They had immense faith in our vision and our ability to help them. Thereafter, it was pure goodwill and word of mouth that helped us amplify our presence.

' After the progress in their initial years put them on the road map, their strategy changed effectively to make space for new ideas. 'With careful and constructive planning, we built a holistic infrastructure that would encompass a wide gamut of services, from Content Strategy to Management to Production to PR. We spent time sharpening our axe and putting into place a structure that provides end-to-end assistance to creators. This enabled the creators to leave all the operations to us, and focus solely on their creative individuality,' said Rohit.

While the rapid phase of trend-setting and evolution played in the favour of the digital marketing world and social media, it also brought about its own set of hurdles. With the content field being heavily saturated, the biggest challenge faced by The Plug Media was finding & associating with the right set of creators. According to Rohit, 'We built this company with a certain vision in mind, and it was of utmost importance for us to onboard creators who were initiative driven, extremely passionate about their work and resonated with our said vision. Over time, we've been able to foster an incredible roster of some of the best of talents across varied fields and platforms.

As the company completes 2 years since its foundation, it has excelled in the digital field with over 700+ finest brand associations and campaigns. Rohit's primary motto to ceaselessly move forward in this journey was simple. He pointed towards the three big C's as his tenets––confidence, commitment, and consistency. These tenets not only played a key role in helping him usher The Plug Media to success but also moulded Rohit himself into a young successful entrepreneur, on his way to building his own legacy.