Entrepreneur Rishiraj Singh Sehgal shares valuable tips for all the budding entrepreneurs

Rishiraj Singh Sehgal

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, to say the least. It is filled with highs and lows that can put even the world's best roller coaster to shame.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is always going to be slightly terrifying and that's what motivated one of Mumbai's successful entrepreneur Rishiraj Singh Sehgal.

Rishiraj is an Indo Canadian entrepreneur who started his career at a very young age, is a successful hotelier, and a proud owner of Bandra's famous Sardaarji restaurant. Not just the hospitality business, Rishi also expanded his wings as an entrepreneur by also venturing into Cybersecurity, Nightlife, Luxury & lifestyle.

Having an ambitious mindset has always helped Rishiraj in paving his way to success and today, he shares few valuable tips for all the budding entrepreneurs who are willing to step into the business world.

▫️Focus on the journey, not the destination

If you tend to focus only on the final result, the scope of motivation will be limited, it will be like weather— where it subsides the minute you hit a storm. So the key is to focus on the journey, not the destination. You never know how the journey could be an eye-opener to things you weren't even aware of so always pay attention to what comes along your way while you are reaching your final destination. You will be surprised at how you not only learn new things but also enhance your capabilities.

▫️Get rid of stagnating thoughts, have a flow of energy

The key to having a flow of positive energy is by keeping yourself sane and calm. Imagine sitting by the bank of a river and watching it flow by. From time to time, the water hits obstacles and things get pulled down still the flow continues. The same should be practised with the mind, thoughts come as obstacles and pull us down and it is very important that in that moment we don't let that stop us or drown us with negativity but instead force positive energies and thoughts in our mind to get through it and watch the patience of the heart. Let it come and let it go. Having a beautiful flow of rhythm will make you have better clarity of self-made decisions.

▫️Embrace and be nice to yourself

Embracing yourself itself has so many pros and it is the first step towards progress with regards to anything. You not only tend to then know and explore yourself better but you get a more transparent picture of where your passion lies and you also be inclined towards deeper and genuine relationships.
People very often tend to forget to value and love themselves but I always make it a habit to practice self-love. I always fill my mind with affirmations such as I love my self, My body is a gift from nature, I am blessed to have all that I have, I am confident, strong and have the power to withstand any obstacle that comes my way. 2 hours in a day is dedicated to myself, it includes workout, meditation & prayers. It truly Gives me a clearer vibe to connect with the universe. Being self-satisfied plays a very essential role in the outcome you achieve professionally. Till you aren't content with what and who you are, you would always find yourself picking out on things you do and questioning yourself time and again whether your actually doing the right thing or not.

▫️Be with people who want to watch you grow

It's very essential in life to discard negativity and cut off with the people who pull you down. Surround yourself with those people who create a favourable environment as well as emit a positive vibe and uplift you.

One thing that I've learnt with my experiences till today is that while it's very important to do business diligently at the same time an individual shouldn't get emotionally involved because that then comes in the way of a lot of dominant decisions that would be required to be made. In the end, I believe, life is full of opportunities, don't get stagnant like water in a pond, be a river and just keep flowing.