Entrepreneur Prophecy Onasis Launches New Tech And Entertainment Company, Radiant

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Prophecy Onasis

The technology industry is changing rapidly each year. The various innovations are driving positive changes for the business, education, and health care fields by increasing efficiency. Plus, many people are investing in the latest gadgets and technology to enhance the quality of home life and leisure time. Many tech experts expect the innovation to continue in the future in order to meet the demands of industries and various human needs and interests. Tech expert and entrepreneur Prophecy Onasis believes the way we share information will propel future technology.

Onasis is launching a new technology and entertainment company called Radiant. Radiant is supported by an award-winning team of architects who have great expertise in creating streaming and advertising platforms. Their current mission is to launch a robust collection of entertainment products that persons of various ages can easily access.

Why it is essential to understand the market before creating products

More technology is being launched on the market each day, and many people get very excited about the next big thing. However, sometimes tech inventors do very little research about trends such as profitability and consumer patterns before tapping into the market. Prophecy and the Radiant team are happy to continue their mission of innovating in the space that is proven.

The profitability of the US streaming industry

Radiant hopes to stay ahead of the competition by delivering content effectively while formulating and monetizing end-to-end solutions. The streaming industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the US. Over the last six to seven years, the US streaming industry's revenue increased every year. In 2015, the revenue was $7.1 billion, and in 2020, it had risen to $24.1 billion. This is a helpful indication that the industry's future is going in a good direction.

Radiant's plans for a successful year

Prophecy and his team believe 2022 will be an exciting year for Radiant. They have a lot of partnership announcements to make and plan to give users an enjoyable and engaging experience with their friends and families. The company is also developing very competitive live streaming and content platforms for clients and extended partners in the content delivery business.

Prophecy wants to make people's lives radiant again where they don't need to use any costly or complex technology to enjoy themselves. Instead, they can do so with the peace and simplicity that Radiant will provide.

This article was first published on March 1, 2022