Entrepreneur Haider Ali Khan knows the top-notch Cyber Security secrets

Haider Ali Khan

If there is one thing that the world presently needs, it is a good Security Service that is personalized for every individual. It is commonly assumed that there are going to be security breaches. Why should that be the common norm or the general thinking process of an individual whenever they try to interact digitally or make proper use of the Internet services available to them. Cybercrimes have also increased with extremely difficult situations and an increased rate of cybersecurity-related issues in the present days. It will be unfair if we only consider cybercrimes that are being done illegally; some other websites and applications that we presently had on our phones or still might have them that do not comply according to the privacy terms and conditions. In such a world, we have an individual, Haider Ali Khan, concerned only about the people he serves through his web hosting services and practicing as a professional cybersecurity expert since he was a teenager.

Haider Ali Khan was only 18 years old when he first indulged in the world of the Internet, starting his online endeavors and striving to become an independent cybersecurity analyst.

Cybersecurity analysts play such a special role here; they safeguard the interests of the people and protect their data from being taken into account by several other companies and websites. They are only looking forward to exploiting them and selling their data to bigger companies so that the multi $1,000,000 organizations have the upper hand. This is how the world works, it always has, and if you have found a particular individual who does not look forward to exploiting you but only thinks about how you can advance in the online field, then you have certainly hit the jackpot.

Haider Ali Khan has two well-known functioning establishments: Sudoly, and the other one is iLounge.

Sudoly is a web hosting company that has existed for years now; it was established in 2014 when Haider Ali Khan realized the need for a reliable web hosting company. Being the long-time advocate of web security that he is coming from, he understands the needs and demands of people when they are first availing the services of a web hosting company. They look for reliable services connecting people worldwide and prefer an affordable range and top-notch security services.

Since Haider Ali Khan has worked with many other technology companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and even Adobe, he knows how it turns out. He has his name listed on their bug bounty and responsible disclosure Hall of Fame. Truly something to be admired about!

There is a completely different story about iLounge, quite unexpected to be Frank. ILounge was established before Sudoly was calmer but not by Haider Ali Khan. Since the previous owner could not maintain it and go pretty bankrupt over it, Haider Ali Khan soon took over and launched it as an Apple technology news blog that has been running successfully since 2019.

Involving himself entirely in the market, Haider Ali Khan is a serial entrepreneur and an investor, author, and efficient cybersecurity expert from Australia.