Entrepreneur Freddy Huang on how work from home is the new normal amidst COVID-19

Freddy Huang

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a drastic change in the global economy stats and it has become challenging for most businesses to keep their financial wheels turning. While some industries have come to a standstill, others are struggling with their way to generate revenue from their businesses.

Freddy Huang a Batam, Indonesia based Entrepreneur, and celebrity influencer who has his own clothing line shares his experience of working in the times of COVOD-19. He is a proud owner of Freddy Labels, a clothing line and an exclusive handcrafted ready to wear accessories brand for men and women.

The past few months have been extremely critical for everyone. People across the globe are trying to be as productive as possible. A major chunk of people has adapted the work from a home culture which has become the new normal in a literal sense.

Freddy who is into designing apparel and accessories didn't face much of an issue by the sudden lockdown imposed for safety measures. He says, "It hasn't really affected me much because I still am able to work from home which has now become the new normal. Apart from that, I am getting to spend more time with my family which I usually am deprived of. Also, things are now getting back to normal slowly and steadily and I am very much able to cope up with everything smoothly. Just focusing on targeting the right kind of audience and working on adding new product variants to my business".

At the age of 19, Freddy got an opportunity to be an extra in the film called Sense of our Flavour, and ever since then he started his career where later he started receiving various brand endorsement offers as well. This helped Freddy develop an interest in fashion that later pushed him to kickstart his own clothing line.

Apart from being a renowned celebrity entrepreneur, Freddy is even fond of traveling across the globe. He used the opportunity and created a Youtube channel to upload his travel videos that further became one out of many professions of Freddy Huang.