Entrepreneur Duncan Kreeger - Digitalisation and democratisation is the future of property finance Inbox

Duncan Kreeger

As the global economy reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an emerging pivot from traditional individual income streams, historically heavily reliant on salaried time, to now investment and entrepreneurship.

Within the property finance sector, so long the exclusive bastion of big players, there is disruption afoot through digitalisation and democratisation of access to the market. At the forefront of this enabling movement is Duncan Kreeger and TAB.

The new TAB digital platform and fractional property ownership investment product, TAB Property, are opening up access to property investment to a much wider range of investors while still securing the sector's overall long-term upward trend of returns on investment for all.

Kreeger and TAB - bridging the gap between buyer and investor

Entrepreneur Duncan Kreeger, with over 20 years in the property market behind him, is revolutionising property finance and the whole property investment experience that comes with it.

Duncan was just 17 when he started his first company. He has since built and sold a £120 million business, managed £400 million of private capital, and completed in excess of £2 billion worth of secured loans. He has built up high-volume teams and trained and managed them into specialists in their field. Through this skilled base, he has onboarded thousands of borrower and private investor clients over his career.

In 2018, whilst the global economy was still recovering from the shock of the 2008 financial crisis, he discovered traditional lenders were still dependent on computer-generated funding criteria and unable to demonstrate the necessary economic leadership to invest in even the most exciting and rewarding property projects coming to market, including much-needed property developments. He saw the need for a new lending model to have the flexibility to assess the merits of the business case and take a holistic view of a borrower's circumstances. So, he founded and designed TAB.

TAB remedies two critical needs of the current property market, by:

● providing bridging loans and development finance to borrowers who need access to short term capital, quickly; and,

● enabling investors to access the UK property market by funding bridging loans or through fractional property ownership.

TAB's offering

TAB enables borrowers to access short term capital through unregulated bridging loans on a first and second charge basis against residential and commercial properties in the UK. To date, TAB has originated over £60m of loans with an average loan amount of £785k. Borrowers that need a loan will be matched with institutional funding or private investors.

While borrowers are using TAB to help finance their own property investments, at the other end of the transaction, TAB investors are able to fund loans that suit their investment goals and risk parameters. Investors can commit to TAB Lending with a minimum investment of £1,000.

TAB's further offering is an innovative investment product, TAB Property. This releases the utility of fractional property ownership investment so that investors can own a portion of property from as little as £1,000. Almost every asset class is accessible via fractional ownership, stocks, cars, wine, art and even jets. TAB Property is leading the market by bringing fractional ownership to real estate.

Income is earned on their investment from the rental income received from tenants. TAB takes care of the legal, tenanting and management side of property investments, so there are no mortgages, no estate agent fees, no banks and no management required by the investors.

TAB's democratisation and digitalisation

TAB is democratising the property investment sector by granting access to those with smaller budgets than was historically necessary. In addition, by delivering the entire functionality digitally, the service offering is cost-effective and streamlined. However, as with every investment, it's important to consider and understand the risks.

As befits this democratic and enlightened business model, the process is backed up by TAB's key values of trust and transparency, delivered by a specialist in-house property legal team, underwriters and sales team. Over its two years of trading, TAB has written c. £60 million worth of loans and an ever-expanding number of users are experiencing TAB's developing high-quality service, finance offering and investment platform.

This information does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation and you should seek advice concerning suitability from your investment adviser. As with any investment your capital is at risk.