Entrepreneur Badr El Battahi gives a new meaning to versatility with his works

Badr El Battahi

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. There goes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to become a successful entrepreneur. Waiting for the weekend, partying and thinking what others would think are some of the habits which Badr El Battahi gave up before starting his entrepreneurial journey. He is a Moroccan entrepreneur born on August 1, 1992, in Casablanca, Morocco and is now based in Dubai.

At a very tender age, he started investing in multiple businesses and credits self-learning as the key reason behind his success. "Internet has got all things under one place, right from entertainment to gaining knowledge; it offers everything. It helped me understand many business concepts before I established my own company", said Badr. Alumni of Harvard University, he moved to Abu Dhabi in 2011 and explored social media which later became his profession.

By understanding the social media marketing terms, he later involved himself in establishing several startups. It was in 2015, the entrepreneur launched 'SociWork', a social media agency and a one-stop destination for the aspiring models, actors, singers and influencers. The agency worked majorly towards building the digital presence of the celebrities. The company was a humongous success which made Badr El Battahi a household name in the social media world.

The entrepreneur did not stop then and later launched another brand named 'Richsneaker' in 2018. The brand offers the best collection of sneakers which saw his sales touch the 1 million mark. With a degree in Computer Science, the entrepreneur is specialized in developing apps for android and iOS devices and is also well-versed with website development. Currently, in the period of lockdown, he is learning new things like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain which he aims to implement in his businesses.

The millionaire entrepreneur who started his journey from nothing has got all the luxuries of life today. Understanding his responsibility, Badr El Battahi gives it back to the society by doing many charitable works and social works. "As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe to make money and also give it back to the people who are in need", he said. Moreover, he is also an investor and has funded many startups which are doing pretty good business in today's time.