Entrepreneur AviKoren Shares 5 Tips to Build a Prominent Celebrity Clientele

Avi Koren

A clientele populated by celebrities sounds like any business owner's dream. Whether it be curating the most exquisite collection or designing impeccable pieces, capturing the attention of a dedicated celebrity clientele is not easy. It takes much more than hard work. It takes a particular type of business approach that caters to the elite. Entrepreneur Avi Koren has built a successful business of diamonds and watches that caters to the world's elite. He shares with us his five tips for building such a prominent clientele.

Avi Koren is a Belgian entrepreneur and diamond master who is best known for his signature line of watches. Koren owns the largest showroom offering an opulent collection of luxury watches and jewelry in Dubai. "Our collection is incredibly rare," says Koren. "You will not find our pieces anywhere else in the world." Koren has employed five time-honored practices in building his luxury business. Tips that he insists are critical to cultivating a celebrity clientele.

1. Exclusivity
"First and foremost, a collection that is not exclusive won't get you anywhere," explains Koren. "Celebrities have the means to own the finest and most rare pieces. It's up to you as their jeweler to find those pieces for them."
2. Offer items that complement each other
"Celebrities want the entire look. You cannot just offer them one product and call it a day," states Koren. "Encrusted diamond bracelets, expertly crafted rings, find what works in combining luxury items for a look that works with their unique lifestyle."
3. Trust
"This applies for everyone," says Koren. "Whether you're working with a celebrity or a CEO, you have to build a business they can trust by offering outstanding pieces of quality you know you can stand behind." Koren understands that when it comes to discerning high-end clients, one wrong move, and they won't be coming back.
4. Offer an experience
"This is about going beyond excellent customer service," explains Koren. "Celebrities aren't just shopping; they work with designers who deliver on the experience. Customize it to them and understand that your work isn't done when they leave your store. Follow-up, make sure they are happy, and always keep them abreast of new designs giving them first-access to your most exclusive pieces."
5. Discretion
"This should go without saying, but make sure that you offer your celebrity clients the highest level of privacy possible," says Koren. Koren will often close his store for private showings. This way, his celebrity clients can shop with comfort and ease. "We always have security available, and we never discuss our clients."

Koren serves an impressive roster of soccer players, NBA players, and Hollywood actors who flock to his stores for its unique pieces and upscale experience. 'We've been leveling up for years," states Koren. "That is what attracts our clients. They know that we are the best in the world at what we do." Koren's business sells more than just luxury. He sells a lifestyle that he caters to with the ease and grace of a genuine celebrity friend and business partner.