An Entrepreneur is assisting local areas with a healthy solution

Shinya Kato

Acupuncture is a national qualification that is needed in a wide range of fields, including medical care, nursing care, and sports.

However, only about 4% of Japanese population have ever received acupuncture."

The passionate entrepreneur and acupuncture technician tackling the issues around aging resides in Japan. Meet Shinya Kato, while his company Marufukujin Inc is based in Kanagawa prefecture, Shinya's wide range of physical and mental care services are known in different areas.

Many individuals across the globe turn to acupuncture every year in order to treat pain and even mental struggle like depression. In this short interview to shine a light on the growing demands, we sit with Shinya to uncover the effectiveness of Acupuncture and how he aims to tackle the current struggle in local regions.

Thank you so much for joining us Shinya! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your initiative?

By becoming certified as an acupuncturist and learning about both day-care and home medical care at the same time, I realized the importance of cooperation between the two and its potential for business.

As a result of various examinations, I began to understand how acupuncturists and day-care centers can work together, and what processes are really necessary for the elderly and the community.

In fact, I have implemented a model case of this project at my own clinic and at a daycare center that I work with, and it has resulted in increased sales for both parties and improved health conditions for the elderly who come to the center.

In the future, we would like to share this activity model with more people and spread it to more areas.

Acupuncturists are experts in Oriental medicine, which uses the body's natural self-immunity to regulate itself from the inside out without relying on drugs, and they are also capable of taking a Western medical approach.

There is a rising trend in Acupuncture globally, could you share a quick rundown on what separates your initiatives from others?

We are very particular about the role we want to play in the health industry. Our goal is to play a role in enabling day-care centers and local treatment centers to collaborate with each other supporting elderly care in local areas.

Furthermore, we would like to produce many leaders in preventive care, especially dementia prevention, and enable local communities across Japan with support of a full range of "preventive care" and "pre-disease measures" .

I would like to encourage people to experience what effective dementia prevention looks like.

With that, if people can learn how to relate and collaborate with "treatment centers, acupuncturists" and "day care services," I think people will see that those 2 roles can play a measure role in businesses as partners and also they play an important role as supporters of the community.


While technology in the health sector is rising, solutions such as acupuncture which is a mind–body intervention could enhance one capacity. While the year is at the end the solution that does not just target physical symptoms are paid attention to globally. Wishing all individuals to seek out such solutions when physically and emotional uplift is required.