Entrepreneur Akash Pillay acquires Cryptocurrency knowledge amidst lockdown

Akash Pillay

Cryptocurrency is something that has been a hot topic of discussion for many years now. Recently, it has been in the news for its exceptional growth in India. Many people consider buying cryptocurrency in India because of its easy understanding and higher returns than other financial products. Several new-age business tycoons are heading towards cryptocurrency and are learning the skills to deal with the same.

Akash Pillay, the Pune based entrepreneur and event manager recently enhanced his knowledge in the financial world by understanding crypto in his free time. "Recently, I started investing in crypto since the hotel industry is currently at a standstill. So, I started learning crypto as everyone forced me to to do so. Even during the noticeably short time, I managed to learn the same so right now I am busy in that", said Akash.

Unlike other people, Akash has completed utilizing the spare time that he has in his hands to flourish his financial and technical skills to apply them in achieving maximum output from his investment. The hard-working entrepreneur is always ready to face several challenges and come out of them as a better version of himself. Furthermore, the young entrepreneur had also come forward to help several deprived people who suffered at the time of the pandemic.

Akash Pillay at the incredibly young age of 25 turned to be the proud owner of his event management company Storror Nightlife. The young entrepreneur left his high earning MNC job to start his own business which is currently extremely popular among the Pune nightclubs. Akash is also an endorser, fashion, and fitness influencer, model-based out of Pune.