Entrepreneur Ahmed W. Elzoghabi and his opulent life tale from being a sales executive to a multi-talented entrepreneur

Ahmed W. Elzoghabi

In the popular words of Bruce Lee, "A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd." Living by these words, New Jersey-based entrepreneur Ahmed W. Elzoghabi made a successful career as a multi-faceted businessman. Making a path of his own, he chose to chase excellence and went to achieve the best of things in life. Ahmed who holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Economics mastered himself in sales before making his mark as an entrepreneur.

To kick-off his career, he became a telecom sales executive and registered a place for himself among the top executives in a year. To thoroughly understand how sales and marketing functions, the 23-year old spent his time on the internet researching the topics. With a vision to serve the clients with unique marketing strategies, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi launched a business selling agency that does the marketing campaigns of many Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies. With a belief and self-confidence like no other, he decided to bid adieu to the corporate job life and welcomed the new change of being a boss of his own.

The Egyptian and Moroccan entrepreneur has a belief that when one works for self, the responsibility automatically comes on the shoulders. "If you decide to walk on the path of other people, you will always be behind them. But if you create a path of your own, you are a leader setting an example. That's what I wished for since my college days", quoted Ahmed. Through a lot of trial and error. Ahmed W. Elzoghabi established 'La Vague Tradees', a trading platform for traders dealing in stock trading and options trading. Playing the business game, the way every businessman should play, Ahmed invested the earnings made from trading in yet another venture.

Three years ago, he founded 'Integrated Home Solutions Inc', a home shop for all the housing requirements like televisions, smartphones, internet and security devices, solar panels and CCTV cameras. The journey of Ahmed that started from a single job to multiple businesses has prospered at an exponential rate in the last few years. Keeping up against the latest digital trends, Ahmed W. Ezloghabi has even tried his hand at being a vlogger. From his learnings and experiences so far, he shares some of the best business lessons through the YouTube vlogs, thus educating aspiring businessmen from different walks of life.