Enthralling the world with his genius in the film 'Poolside' is ace director, cinematographer and media entrepreneur Alex Kinter.

Kinter Media, under his leadership, has grown as one of the top media companies in Dallas, Texas.

Alex Kinter

Isn't it surreal to learn about all those people who always strive to achieve excellence and offer something unique to people through whatever they lay their hands on? The world is filled with many such talented beings, but only a few go ahead in astounding people and proving their mettle even across industries that are already rocked by many talented players. Amongst these individuals and professionals, we learned about a man and a mind who churns out the best ideas and executes the same outstandingly in the world of production for films and videos and content management; he is Alex Kinter, who initiated his top-notch media company in Dallas, Texas, "Kinter Media".

However, what has made more buzz around him is his recent direction for the horror short film titled 'Poolside', which has been garnering much acclaim and love from the audiences for being a unique Indie thriller film with a gripping storyline and scintillating performances by all actors. Alex Kinter's direction with Erik Schuessler had the audiences gripped to the story and the characters and made them fall instantly for the film that kept them hooked till the end.

Alex Kinter has been rising to the top gradually as a storyteller and a genius who has aced the game of video and film production, corporate documentaries, music videos, and also digital photography with his firm Kinter Media. What's even more amazing to learn about him is that he has so far won more than 20 awards and is becoming one of the most sought-after directors and media entrepreneurs in the industry at such a young age.

After finishing his early education, Alex Kinter studied Art Direction & Photography from Texas A&M University Commerce is the name of the college city. for Art Direction & Photography from Texas A&M University and received his certification as Digital Imaging & Post-processing Technician from RED Digital Cinema Education in 2012. This led him towards the world of entertainment, and since then, he has never looked back. From photography to becoming a commercial director, Alex Kinter has come a long way, who today, even as a media entrepreneur with Kinter Media, has not failed to create milestones in his career.

Working with Fortune 500 companies, agencies, entertainers, small-medium-sized business owners, Non-profit organizations, and others, he thrived on his incredible creative skills. His team at Kinter Media consists of passionate and driven media specialists who work towards helping their clients get improved marketing campaigns by spreading messages effectively, highlighting products, services and events innovatively. Currently, they are focusing on media for several brands and businesses that desire to take their video production and marketing game to the next level.

The mid-mod short film Poolside has indeed brought more success for Alex Kinter, and now he can't wait to do more such projects that can offer something unique to audiences. To find out more, follow him on Instagram.