Enlarged Prostate and Chronic Pelvic Pain offered by Fine Treatment Blocks Coronavirus

Dr Allen’s Device

Thermobalancing therapy reduces the size of enlarged or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and provides effective chronic pelvic pain relief at home preventing men from contracting COVID-19 coronavirus at clinics and hospitals.

Patented by United States Patent and Trademark Office, breakthrough Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen's Device provide prostate natural treatment, i.e. without medications and surgery. This novel technique for successful treatment of chronic diseases is successively discussed in the scientific article: Innovative Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen's Device for the first time employ body energy to treat chronic prostatic diseases effectively, published in a leading International Journal of Quality Innovation.

What are the main features of Dr Allen's Device?

The core of Dr Allen's Device is a natural thermoelement element that stores body heat when attached to the skin. When Dr Allen's Device applies this thermoelement to the projection of the prostate, the accumulated body heat treats the affected prostate, shrinking its size, relieving chronic pelvic pain and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

Dr Allen's Device is a class 1 medical device; therefore, it does not require the involvement of a notified body. The device has been registered with British Medical Healthcare Agency since 2010. So, every man with BPH can use it day and night without worrying, since the device is safe.

Dr Allen's Device is easy to use and to get. Fine Treatment https://finetreatment.com is a manufacturer and distributor of this device via guaranteed Royal mail tracking service. Thus, men with BPH and chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) are protected from side effects they may encounter after medications and surgery, as well as from coronavirus, since men will not visit hospitals, but will be treated at home.

What should men with prostate problems know about treatment options?

First of all, men today need to be careful when visiting doctors, since hospitals or clinics pose an unwanted danger to them, since there are many other patients suffering from coronavirus. In addition, standard treatments, medications, and surgeries do not treat the affected prostate itself and often lead to new health problems.

1. Prostate massage is not safe, as can cause damage to the delicate tissue of the prostate, bleeding around the prostate, the formation of prostate stones, acute epididymitis, etc.

2. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may cause allergies, suppress the immune system, cardiovascular, liver and kidney problems.

3. Alpha blockers for men with BPH and chronic prostatitis can cause retrograde ejaculation, depression, testicular pain, sexual dysfunction and even dementia.

4. 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors may lead to hormonal imbalance, and finasteride, Avodart, may cause irreversible side effects: impotence, depression and even diabetes.

5. All surgical interventions on the prostate destroy its tissues, develop complications, causing depression, therefore, prostate surgery is prohibited for men with CP/CPPS.

Dr Allen's Device provides self-treatment at home for chronic prostate diseases

Dr Allen's Device, offered by Fine Treatment, treats chronic prostate disease at home, protecting men with enlarged prostates and chronic prostatitis as they avoid contact with people who may have coronavirus infection while visiting clinics and hospitals.

Fine Treatment initiated two clinical controlled trials on Thermobalancing therapy where 124 men with enlarged prostate and 45 men with CP/CPPS confirmed the effectiveness of Dr Allen's Device. These clinical trials on Thermobalancing therapy have been published in many scientific articles and medical journals that can be found on the Fine Treatment website.