Enjoying a generous life with fortitude that is called a real satisfaction said an emerging entrepreneur Dawood Mansoori

Dawood Mansoori

Life need not long, it should be big, walking on this ideal Dawood Mansoori, a 20-year-old boy from Amoha, Uttar Pradesh shares his success mantra. Success can only be achieved when you get detached from the ordinary things around you. People in today's generation teach their children to complete their education and get a job. Mansoor's father never taught him to be satisfied with ordinary things. One should always dream to do something out of the blue.

Life is full of ups and downs, you may encounter failure many times but the failure will give you experience and this experience will give you success. Satisfying yourself with small things should not be your motive. Try new things and learn to take risks. At the age of 20, Dawood Mansoori is running his own business. Enjoying extravagant life with moral values is called real satisfaction. A person full of positive thoughts and attitude totally transform their output and capabilities.

Dawood's father is the owner-director of the most recognized brands of India Patent Tea Company Private Limited. His father had gone through many hardships during childhood. He never wanted his children to suffer the way he did. Dawood always had a strong hand on sports. He was a national level volleyball player and also played cricket. His advice to his fellow entrepreneurs is never to give up and only listen to your closed ones, they will guide you the best.