Is the end of the world near? 4,500-year-old tomb in Egypt reveals the mystery

Researchers found a 4,500-year-old tomb in Cairo and noticed an inscription which sparked the end of the world prediction

Almost every day somewhere in the earth archaeologists discover something amazing which help the future researchers to dig deep to find more. But when a group of researchers found an ancient tomb in Cairo, they probably came to know when the world is going to end and how.

Archaeologists unearthed the burial of a royal leader of the Old Kingdom, the 4,500-year-old chamber of Khentkaus III, in the necropolis of Abusir, southwest of Cairo. This tomb was found somewhat 650 feet from her husband, Pharaoh Neferefre, also known as Reneferef. But this discovery has its own significance in terms of understanding the future of the planet.

The tomb which revealed the earth's future

This discovery in 2016 helped to shed some light into what the leader of the research, Professor Miroslav Barta called "a black patch in the history of the Old Kingdom." It should be mentioned that the team of researchers also found pottery, woodwork, copper and animal bone from the site.

These items along with the inscription, which they noticed during the excavation, had given clues to the team from the Czech Institute of Egyptology about the life she was living. But as per the researchers it may not have been too glamorous like usual royals.

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History tells what future will be

After the discovery, the lead researcher Professor Bart said that "it was a crucial period when the Old Kingdom started to face major critical factors. The rise of democracy, the horrific impact of nepotism, the role played by interest groups and climate change played a role in bringing an end to not only the Old Kingdom empire, but those in the Middle East and Western Europe at that time. This contributed to the disintegration of the era of the pyramid builders."

In addition, he also mentioned that at that time, there were no reasonable harvests and therefore very bad taxes. He said without appropriate taxation there were not sufficient means to finance the state system and maintain the ideology and integrity of the ancient state. Bart claimed that the climate change issues what the modern world is facing may look like history is repeating itself.

"You can find many paths to our modern world, which is also facing many internal and external challenges. By studying the past you can learn much more about the present," said the professor adding that "We're not different [from them], people always think 'this time it's different,' and that we're different, we are not."

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The future prediction

A Biblical preacher Greg Sereda claimed that the planet is now one step away from the opening of the seventh seal that will mark the end of the world. In a YouTube video, entitled with "2020 warning: We are living in the sixth seal of revelation," the preacher explained his theory of why the world will end in coming months.

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