Empty Tequila Bottles Discovered Inside Top Secret New Air Force One at Texas Plant

Two empty miniature tequila bottles were discovered this month on one of the Air Force One jets that are currently under construction at Boeing's San Antonio factory. The plane-maker has launched an urgent internal investigation and said it was a personnel matter.

Two empty mini bottles of alcohol were found on the VC-25B aircraft at a manufacturing facility in San Antonio, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, it is not yet clear how the alcohol made its way onto the highly classified future presidential jet.

Mystery Over the Empty Tequila Bottles on New Air Force One

Air Force officials have complained multiple times of detritus left on Boeing planes in recent years, including rags and leftover factory packaging. This incident is particularly serious because it involves alcohol and highly classified jets, which will be known as Air Force One when the President is on board.

Boeing internally doesn't regard the discovery primarily as an incident of foreign object debris, known in the industry of FOD, reported The Wall Street Journal. A Boeing spokesperson told newspaper that the company has said it's working to improve quality and manufacturing operations.

Boeing YouTube Grab

Alcohol is not allowed in the facility and Boeing is taking the discovery very seriously, according to The Wall Street Journal. In a statement to Forbes, a Boeing spokesperson said, "This is a personnel matter and for contractual reasons we are unable to comment further."

Two Identical Boeing 747s Are Under Construction

Boeing is building two new Air Force One jets that the company describes as being of the "highest national priority." They are heavily modified 747-8 aircraft, known as VC-25B military variants that require employees working on the aircraft to have security clearances, The Wall Street Journal reported. They will be fitted with a slew of highly-classified technology to protect the President.

Boeing is getting $3.9 billion to construct the planes, as part of a contract agreed to with the Trump administration in 2018. Boeing told the Air Force earlier this year that delivery of the first plane may slip to 2025—a year later than planned, according to Forbes.

Social Media Reactions

Netizens are speculating the mystery of the liquor bottles with some suggesting that "maybe it is the new fuel. Don't rush to judgment." Sone users flooded the social media with some hilarious and sarcastic comments. One Twitter user wrote, "Some folks drink to forget. So, they forgot to take them." Another wrote, "Alcohol and aviation go hand in hand." One comment read, "I bet there's a third in the trash."

"A direct result of open borders," said one user. Another twitted, "There is no place for this stuff on the property...could impact output quality... exposing company to unnecessary lawsuits, I think?"

One person shared, "Boeing employees are notorious in Seattle 4 being hard core addicts, some anyway." One comment read, "Hunter breaking it in."