Empowering Women in Tech: Jhilam Biswas's Journey to the Top

Jhilam Biswas

The tech industry is known for its challenges, especially for women. From gender bias to unequal pay, the path to success is filled with obstacles.

According to a 2023 National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) report, women make up only 26% of the computing workforce. The numbers are even lower for women of color, with African American women at 3% and Hispanic women at 2%. These statistics highlight the stark gender disparity in the tech industry, underscoring the need for concerted efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Many women strive against these challenges, and Jhilam Biswas is a standout example. Her name is more than just a part of the computer code; it symbolizes success in the cloud computing revolution. Biswas's story is about winning, never giving up, and being a leader in technology.

A Journey of Innovation and Influence

Biswas's career is a testament to her passion for solving complex technical challenges. With nine years of experience in Cloud Computing and Computer Networks, she has risen to become one of the most influential Customer Engineering Managers at Google.

"I love solving complex technical challenges which have ambiguity, and I love cross-collaborating with teams. Bringing people and technology together to solve my clients' most challenging business problems is what makes me different and unique," says Biswas.

Biswas's leadership is characterized by empathy, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her approach to team management and customer engagement has earned her numerous awards and recognitions at Google, including the Leadership Excellence award which is awarded to the top 3 managers across Google Cloud Customer Engineering in North America.

Biswas's success stems from her long standing record of solving complex cloud challenges using groundbreaking products such as Google Kubernetes Engine, Big Query, VertexAI, and Cloud Security Command Centre. Biswas has onboarded hundreds of clients on these products, generating multi million dollars in revenue over the last five years. This makes her one of the most prolific Engineering Managers at the tech giant.

A Vision for the Future

The future of cloud computing is marked by trends such as GenAI, edge computing along with increased security measures with a sustainability focus. Biswas's expertise aligns with these trends, positioning her as a thought leader in the industry.

She has also been a speaker at AnitaB.Org's Grace Hopper Celebrations, the world's largest gathering of women in computing. Her session, Design Practices for Multi-Tenancy with Google Kubernetes Engine, was attended by numerous women engineers including CTOs and cloud practitioners. Biswas has pioneered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in cloud which has been adopted by companies ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100.

In her efforts to empower women in technology, Jhilam made noteworthy contributions through organising a series of Google Cloud Meetup events titled "Electronic Design Automation (EDA) on Google Cloud" and "Big Data". These sessions attracted substantial audiences of tech enthusiasts. Through her involvement, she has not only showcased her expertise but also encouraged, coached, and enabled women in these fields, thus helping bridge the gender gap in technology.

"In a world where technology constantly evolves, pursuing excellence is a never-ending journey. My passion for cloud computing is fueled by the endless possibilities it offers. But beyond technology, it's about empowering others, fostering collaboration, and making a meaningful impact. That's the legacy I strive to leave," reflects the female tech leader.

Jhilam Biswas's story is a tale that is here to inspire other women in tech. Her journey to the top is a reminder that with determination, skill, and a vision for the future, the cloud is not just a place for data storage; it's a realm of endless possibilities.