Employee vs Entrepreneur: How The Freedom Era is Part of a Paradigm Shift

The Freedom Era

As Baby Boomers age out of the workplace, companies are being forced to examine their company cultures and practices in order to attract and keep the younger generations as employees. While older generations were accustomed to and comfortable with working long, set hours in an office environment, and spending their entire careers with just one company, Millennials and Gen Z (covering 21-41 year-olds) have a different idea of what their work lives should look like.

For these tech-savvy "youngsters," a lot of things are changing: entrepreneurship is on the rise, spending all day in an office is a deal-breaker, side hustles abound, unconventional work hours are welcome, and feeling fulfilled by their work is a top priority. It's no wonder that online-based business opportunities have seen massive growth in the past decade.

One of the companies attracting these young, educated, and ambitious workers is The Freedom Era. Knowing full well that a traditional office setting is soul-crushing, The Freedom Era also capitalizes on the fact that the majority of Gen Z doesn't consider a college education to be necessary in order to run a successful business.

So What is The Freedom Era?

"A global community of conscious entrepreneurs," The Freedom Era combines an education in business strategy, leadership, digital marketing, and personal development with a community of positive, high-achieving entrepreneurs, and a health-based high-ticket offer.

The first major element of The Freedom Era is their Academy. This "business bootcamp" combines mindset training, coaching, traditional business classes, and social media setup and optimization. Attendees learn everything they need to know to start their own internet-based business and nothing that they don't. Modules have titles like Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of Sales, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Instagram, 6-Figure Mindset Training, Leadership, and more.

While some of these courses can be found at your local college, the Academy manages to break down the basics into a 30-day Bootcamp so you can spend less time preparing and more time doing. Then they take the next step, teaching copywriting, paid and organic leads generation, setting up social media accounts, and automating your online presence - all learned skills by influencers and online entrepreneurs. Traditional business education can only take you so far; learning how to operate on today's platforms is just as valuable, but more elusive.

The Community

The second major element of The Freedom Era is their community. More than 5,000 people have signed on to learn from each other, cheer for each other, and embrace self-growth as a way of life. Unlike other entrepreneurial ventures, which are notoriously lonely, those in The Freedom Era have each other to lean on and lift each other up when they need it. Instead of a cutthroat environment, they foster a sense of family and shared achievement, which makes "going to work" each day an inspirational experience.

Focus on Health & a High-Ticket Offer

The health and wellness industry is booming, and while the Academy will prepare you for any entrepreneurial venture, The Freedom Era recommends a leveraged offer in this particular space. Combining the appeal of good health with a high-ticket offer that maximizes commission rates, The Freedom Era simplifies the requirements for earning a more impressive paycheck.

As workplaces and career expectations are changing, so is the way that many former employees approach making money. Instead of toiling endlessly in a corporation, more and more people are opting to take matters into their own hands and embrace creative opportunities. With greater emphasis on freedom and fulfillment, it should come as no surprise that former "side hustles" have grown into full-time jobs. And with perks that no office job can match, options like The Freedom Era should be expected to skyrocket in popularity in the next few years.

Do you plan on being an employee or an entrepreneur?