Empire season 6 episode 18 (finale) spoilers, live stream details: Home is on the Way for Lucious

Cookie and Lucious are likely to become power-couple in the last episode of Empire season 6 titled Home is on the Way as Hakeem gets interested in a new career

Empire season 6 is coming to an end this week with episode 18. The finale of this popular musical drama series is titled Home is on the Way and it is scheduled to air on Fox this Tuesday, April 21, at 9 pm KST. This episode will just focus on the Lyons, especially the relationship between Cookie and Lucious.

Throughout the series, Cookie and Lucious were busy blaming each other for everything. And now, they are gradually realising how much they can achieve together. Towards the end of the series, they may want to be one again and focus on their family. The promos and official synopsis for this week tease a happy ending for the onscreen couple. The viewers may finally get to see them as power-couple.

Hakeem and Andre find their happy ending

The last episode of this musical drama series may also feature a new career path for Hakeem. The youngest Lyon has tried out everything to excel in the music industry, but he has never been as successful as his parents or his siblings. So, choosing a new career path could be the best thing to do for him and Maya could help him in that. It remains to be seen if he ends up becoming an actor in the series finale.

And for Andre, it will be really difficult to move forward – all thanks to his Kinsley persona. The eldest son of Lucious may want to settle down in life with Teri and his child. But Meta Golding's character sees her baby daddy as a person who tried to kill her and their child. So, it wouldn't be so easy for Andre to convince Teri and get back her in his life. He might need the help of his parents – Cookie and Lucious—who could come up with a plan.

Empire season 6 is coming to an end this week. Facebook/Empire

Check out the official synopsis for episode 18 below:

How to watch Empire season 6 episode 18 (finale) live online:

Fox will air the last episode of its popular drama series on Tuesday, April 21, at 9pm EST. The series' followers in the US can watch the finale of this show by tuning in to the FOX channel on TV or on the official FOX website. People from other parts of the world will have watch the drama series on various streaming sites.

Watch the promo for 'Home is on the Way' below: