Empire Flippers Capital Rebrands As WebStreet, Delivers 15% Cash Yields In 2022


[Texas, USA], 28 March 2023 - WebStreet formerly known as Empire Flippers Capital, has rebranded and separated from its parent company, Empire Flippers. The company is now focused on revolutionizing the alternative investment industry by connecting accredited investors with experienced online business entrepreneurs.

The rebranding has positioned WebStreet to offer investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios with a cash-flowing, recession-friendly asset class. It has provided investors with a passive investment opportunity to gain exposure to the growing e-commerce market. In 2022, the company reported a 15% cash yield for investors in its Round 1 Funds, showcasing its platform's effectiveness.

WebStreet's investment model enables investors to choose from a range of portfolio managers, each with a proven track record in the exact monetization they are offering investors. These managers are responsible for purchasing and expanding online sites within their business models, while investors receive quarterly reports and investment returns

"WebStreet offers a simple and easy way to diversify into the e-commerce industry," says Chuck M., a WebStreet investor.

The platform conducts thorough due diligence and vetting of its portfolio managers, ensuring that these online business entrepreneurs are skilled and experienced. WebStreet also maintains transparency by providing comprehensive quarterly reports, allowing investors to stay informed on their investments' performance.

Since its inception in January 2021, WebStreet has experienced notable growth, attracting over 300 investors and raising more than $22 million through four successful fundraising rounds. The company is currently in its fifth round, having already amassed over $3 million.

"I've invested in every fund, in every round," reveals Jeff H., another investor.

WebStreet's objectives include deploying $100 million in funds annually and broadening its offerings to encompass more marketplaces and business monetization strategies. The company aims to rival alternative investment platforms such as Masterworks, Alts, and Yield street.

About WebStreet

WebStreet, established by co-founders Justin Cooke, Joe Magnotti, and Managing Partner Mike Vranjkovic, is an investment platform that enables investors to diversify their portfolios with passive online businesses, including but not limited to content sites, Amazon storefronts, and soon micro SaaS enterprises. Recognizing a market need through their initial venture, Empire Flippers, the founders launched WebStreet to provide investors access to the potential upsides of online businesses, irrespective of their experience or expertise.