Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast to get prequel or spin-off?

Disney, in fact, informed its viewers that the sequel isn't possible, and they are not keen on producing one

The amazing performance of Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast has made the fans curious whether there will a sequel to the movie or not. Disney, however, informed its viewers that there is no scope of a sequel and they are not keen on producing one. Well, the sequel is not possible but there can be a spin-off of the said movie.

According to Movie Web, the Disney President, Sean Bailey will explore the possibilities for spin-offs and prequels. He reportedly said that the characters of the movie have rich back stories mainly the staff in the castle that was seen transformed into different things because of a curse.

He also added that there are a plenty of star powers behind the characters. Stanley Tucci as the harpsichord Maestro Cadenza, Ewan McGregor as the candelabra Lumiere, and Audra McDonald as the wardrobe Madame de Garderobe and others all have interesting stories to tell, MovieNewsGuide noted.

The new love team, Gascon and LeFou which started a controversy tandem can also bring up new interesting plot for the upcoming instalment of the movie. The "gay moment" between the two said characters stirred various reactions from the LGBT as well as straight communities. Some theaters cancelled the screening of Beauty and the Beast because of that particular scene. A few countries allowed only the adults to watch the film.

The tenure of Sean Bailey's work with the studio started in 2010 and Alice in Wonderland became the second studio film to reach the $1 billion worldwide record.

The Beauty and the Beast is still running and is making good money, despite the controversies. Aside from Watson, Dan Stevens is also in the movie that played the cursed prince, turned into a Beast.