Oscars 2017
89th Academy Awards - Oscars Awards Show - Best Actress winner Emma Stone accepts her award for La La Land. Reuters

La La Land's lead actress Emma Stone gracefully replied to a seemingly rude query during the customary interview in the Oscars press room. A reporter from Apple Daily asked her, "Do you feel like owing Emma Watson a drink or dinner to thank her for turning down the role [in La La Land]?" The Oscar-winning actress appeared shocked but responded in a classy way stating, "Oh my god, you know what? She's doing great. She's... the coolest. She's Belle. Right? I mean, I think it's all... it's all good. I think she's amazing."

Previously, Page Six reported that the Beauty and the Beast actress lost the La La Land's lead actress' role because of her "crazy demands."

Instead, Stone got the opportunity to play the role of Mia in La La Land. Mia's story was reminiscent Stone's real life story who at a very young age decided to be an actress and in the ninth grade, quit high school for acting. Though, she soon realized that acting wasn't enough to pay her bills and took up a job at a dog-biscuit bakery.

The Amazing Spider-Man actress urges young people not to give up even if they are struggling. "If you're going through hell, keep going," as she told ABC via CNBC.

Previously she had revealed in an interview that she herself was very nervous and shy right from her childhood. In fact, she had to go through therapy sessions at the age of 7. Later, her confidence got a huge boost when she joined the acting classes.

Emma also said that she still has "a lot of growing and learning and work to do" and her Oscar is a great motivation to continue to do what she started.