Emerging as one of the finest talents in the world of technology as a digital creator is Rashed Ali Almansoori.

Rashed Ali Almansoori

The 29-year-old tech talent has reached the forefront of the tech world with his passion and determination.

It is surreal to know and learn about all those people who have radiated every quality and virtue of becoming the best in their chosen fields. These individuals, especially the younger brigade, have done exceptionally well with whatever they have taken in their hands and this goes to show the exceptional talent they have in their respective fields. The technological and cybersecurity world has been on the rise ever since and so far has also welcomed innumerable talents from across the globe. The UAE is one region that especially has grown exponentially, thanks to the young tech talents that have reached the forefront of the industry in no time. We came across one such high-performing tech talent named Rashed Ali Almansoori from Abu Dhabi, who has totally spellbound people with his passion and determination to make it huge in the IT space.

Becoming a part of the tech world and not settling for anything that is ordinary was always in the mind of this UAE youngster, who studied PLC IT and also worked as a government employee in the field of IT. Apart from that, he has also shown his prowess as a writer for the Al-Bayan newspaper. Today, he is a tech blogger and a web developer and designer as well, specializing in creating Instagram and Snapchat lenses.

What gave him much fame was the innovation of a smart piece, which helps people communicate in times like Covid. It is a smart piece called Utag that helps people in communicating remotely with others. From the very beginning, Rashed Ali Almansoori desired to do something great in tech and cybersecurity and also wanted to help people attain their financial freedom by helping people in his community to become self-sufficient.

There's probably nothing this young tech talent can't achieve, looking at the success he has already gained so far in his career, all on his own, showing the world what it really takes to become what one desires.

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