Emerging artist Vineet Korpal aka DJ Vin credits his mother for his incredible success. Here'swhat he said!

Vineet Korpal

The saying goes absolutely right that behind every successful man is a woman. In Vineet Korpal's successful journey as a music artist, his mother is the woman who motivated him to follow his dreams. When no one was there to support him it was his mother who believed him in his goals. Listening to the songs of The Beatles and 2Pac who inspired him, even Drake played a key role in his successful journey. Widely known as DJ Vin in the music industry, he got introduced to music during college when he started DJing in the best clubs and parties of Ontario. Vineet who is known for hit songs like 'Until We Make It', 'Off The Lot', and 'In My Zone' was born in Toronto to Indian immigrant parents.

Praising his mother, DJ Vin said, "She stood like a pillar and always pushed me towards my extreme. I owe the majority of my success to her who still claps for me and pats my back for my success." After DJing, he got into music production and learned the basics of music. To date, the DJ has got more than 250 thousand streams only on Spotify and it is still growing. As of now, he is working on Hip Hop music and is mixing some other genres of music in it. Started from the bottom, the young and dynamic artist has achieved a lot of laurels in his professional career. He aims to create the best original music for his fans and is also planning to release a music album in early 2021.

In the recent unfortunate COVID-19 crisis, the entertainment industry has been severely hampered. Musicians, in general, also suffered a lot as many events and concerts were called off. During the time of lockdown, Korpal has skilled himself as an author. Yes, the 26-year old wrote his debut book during this time which has been getting great response over the web. The book titled 'How To Overcome A Pandemic As A Musical Artist' is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition. "Staying in the lockdown, I got bored and had nothing to do. I penned down my thoughts and had an idea to publish a book. By God's grace, the response to the book has been terrific so far", he added.

The book written by DJ Vin is an inspiration to many music artists who have been surviving amidst the epidemic. He further said, "The coronavirus outbreak shattered many artists mentally and emotionally. Through this book, I am sure it will give them hope on how to survive during such crucial times." Ever since the launch of the book, it is topping the charts in various categories like musician biographies and music e-books. After the success of his debut book, Vineet Korpal is very keen to come up with other books as well. Well, we would love to see what this talented man has to offer to his fans.