Embracing the Sacredness of Menstruation in Tantra: Insights and Wisdom from Devi Ward Erickson

Devi Ward Erickson

Menstruation is often viewed as an inconvenience, something to be hidden away and dealt with as quickly and discreetly as possible. But what if we could change our perspective on this monthly occurrence and see it as a sacred and transformative experience? That's precisely what Devi Ward Erickson, a renowned expert in Tibetan five-element healing practices, believes.

As the founder of the first and only government-accredited school for tantric sexual healing, Devi has come to see menstruation as an essential aspect of a woman's spirituality and sexuality. Drawing on the wisdom of traditional cultures and indigenous practices, she encourages women to embrace their menstrual cycle as an opportunity for self-connection and growth.
Devi's journey to understanding the sacredness of menstruation began when she was 19 years old. She read a book called "Red Moon," which drew from the wisdom of various historical and indigenous cultures. The author explained that while many cultures view menstruation as a sacred and positive experience, a few often perceive it as a negative or even cursed event.

Devi believes that during the bleeding time, our connection to ourselves is different. It is a time of rest, contemplation, and self-connection. In the Ayurvedic tradition, when a vulva owner's body is bleeding, the energy moves inward, and it is a time of rest and inner contemplation. If we try to override this need for rest and quiet reflection, we can deplete ourselves of our vitality.

Similarly, in the Taoist tradition, when vulva owners bleed, that is a release of life force. It is a time of letting go and releasing what is no longer serving us. It is essential to embrace this time of release and not fight against it.

Devi says that, unfortunately, western society has restricted menstruation to merely a biological function. However, it's time we view it as a time of healing, regeneration and a deeper connection with our body.

For those seeking further information about Tantra, Devi Erickson's YouTube channel, Authentic Tantra Education, offers a wealth of informative videos. As the leader in the field of holistic sexual wellness, discover a range of transformative courses by visiting her website.

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