Elon Musk's X Introduces 'Articles' Feature for Premium Users to Post Long-Form Content; Plans to Roll Out YouTube-Like Streaming App

The "Article' feature is available exclusively to Premium+ subscribers and Verified Organizations globally

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Since the day Elon Musk has taken over social media platform X, earlier known as Twitter, it has gone through several changes, the latest being two new features. The first is the ability to watch long-form videos on smart TVs and the second is a new feature called "Articles."

These updates expand the platform's capabilities, offering users a wider range of multimedia content and communication options. Let's explore these additions to understand how they enhance the X experience for users worldwide.

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This introduction of 'Articles' coincides with a critical period for the microblogging platform, facing potential regulatory changes in the European Union, particularly under the Digital Markets Act.

'Articles' allows users to share comprehensive content on the platform, including images, videos, GIFs, posts, and links, in addition to plain text. Users can format their articles with options like headings, subheadings, bold, italics, strikethrough, indentation, numerical and bulleted lists.

Audience control functionality enables users to determine who can access their articles, offering flexibility to share with the entire X community or restrict access to specific audiences.

To compose an article, users can visit the Articles tab on x.com, click write, and then publish when ready. Published articles will be live on the user's profile on the Articles tab, with the ability to edit or delete them afterward.

Musk has also announced that long-form videos will soon be available on smart television sets through the social network X. This follows reports from Fortune magazine indicating that the platform is set to launch a TV app next week for Amazon and Samsung users.

Last October, X introduced video and audio calling, aligning with Musk's goal to expand the platform into an all-encompassing super app integrating messaging, peer-to-peer payments, and now, long-form video content. Musk confirmed the imminent availability of long-form videos on smart TVs with a brief "Coming soon" response to a user's inquiry on X.

According to sources cited by Fortune, the X TV app is expected to resemble Google's YouTube TV app, reflecting Musk's ambitious drive to compete with the popular video-sharing platform.

As X aims to establish itself as a "video-first platform," it has been forming strategic partnerships with notable figures such as former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson and former CNN anchor Don Lemon.

This article was first published on March 10, 2024
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