Elon Musk Signals End of Covid-Era WFH; Orders Tesla Employees to Return to Office or Quit

Playing the hard taskmaster, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has warned the company's workers to return to office for work or quit. He has sent a strong message via emails saying that this is the end of the WFH for Tesla employees and that each one of the employees ought to work for 40 hours a week from the office.

The social media is abuzz with activity as the followers have stated that Musk has put an end to the recreational activities like "yoga" and "golfing" of his company's higher officials.

WFH had given the company's higher-ups an opportunity to get the work done remotely that left them with ample time to indulge in recreational activities.

Elon Musk

Is Musk Creating a Toxic Work Environment?

A faction of the followers has supported Musk's move saying that being the chief executive officer he knows what is the best for his company while there are others who think that he is being dictatorial and irrational. He is creating a "toxic" work environment which will result in the downfall of his company, added the detractors.

It is also being said that Musk is trying to show the door to the poor performers just the way he tried to dictate terms to the Twitter employees before the takeover deal was cancelled.

According to a news published by NPR Musk in his email wrote: "Anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in office for a minimum of 40 hours per week or depart Tesla. This is less than we ask for factory workers." Musk also emphasized, "If you don't show up we will assume you have resigned."

A Twitter user expressed resentment stating, "Elon Musk? - Just say "no"! He is one of those stinking rich people that still live in the 19th century and think employees are slaves! He does not trust anyone but cheats everyone."

"Tesla doesn't pay better than any number of other companies, and it's not only about having to go into an office but also the attitude of this memo. This wreaks of a toxic work environment where employees aren't trusted to be adults and get their work done w/o being micromanaged," wrote another Twitter user.

A tweet read, "Return to office or get out: Elon Musk's ultimatum to Tesla employees @elonmusk You are a Leader. Have #Empathy for your Employees & offer flexibility in how & where work gets done. This is no way to treat employees #hybridwork #Worktrends #humanresources."