Elon Musk planning to build a permanent human base on Moon

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk's SpaceX had a very successful last 48 hours, as the private space company's passenger spacecraft Crew Dragon was launched on early Saturday morning and after 26 hours, it was docked autonomously with the International Space Station (ISS). If everything goes as planned, two astronauts will fly on board the spacecraft to the ISS most probably in July.

As SpaceX has succeeded in conducting operations associated with the ISS successfully, it is pretty clear that Musk has some bigger plans for the future.

While talking to the press recently, Musk revealed that he has plans to build a permanent human base on the moon. As per Musk, building a permanent human base on the moon will catalyze the plans to build a human colony on Mars.

"We should have a base on the moon, like a permanently occupied human base on the moon, and then send people to Mars," said Musk, Space.com reports.

This is not the first time that Musk is opening up about his plans to build a human colony on Mars. In January, the SpaceX founder posted on his Twitter page that he is planning to reach the moon as fast as possible.

Even though Musk considers landing on the moon as his next leap, the ultimate aim of the South African billionaire is nothing but colonizing Mars. A few months ago, Musk claimed that he is ready to visit Mars despite narrow chances of survival. While talking with Axios on HBO, Musk revealed that there is a 70 percent chance that he will go to Mars, and even admitted that the chances of dying on the Red Planet are much higher when compared to the earth.

Musk had also claimed that the future government on Mars will be based on direct democracy. As per Musk, building a colony on the Red Planet is very much essential to protect the human species, if a nuclear weapon wipes out life from the earth.

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