The Elon Musk of the Fitness Industry shows how everyone can make the step to independence

Chris Steiner

Finally standing on your own feet and being your own boss? These are values that have always been important for entrepreneur Chris Steiner. Although he hadn't gotten the best grades in school, Chris mastered the path to independence. With the right mindset, discipline, a clear vision and a lot of willpower he even managed to generate 500. 000 Euros in sales within 3 days.

With his new concept "losing weight while lying down" he has already opened more than 100 locations in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland. With its innovative 4 phase technology it helps not only women to reach their desired weight. Thanks to its many locations, which are also located in a lot of European countries, it opens new doors for all people who want to become self-employed.

Especially as a new company founder you are usually confronted with 2 typical problems: The right idea and the right marketing are missing. The big advantage is that as a self-employed person you do not have to take care of these things yourself when you are a owner of a studio from losing weight while lying down! Those who are interested can send a request on the official website and will get a studio in the respective location if accepted.

Since the concept is becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness, you can expect as a store owner 5000 Euros in sales in the first month. By comparison, an average employee earns only 1500 euros in Austria and Germany. Larger sales are of course also possible if you are actively involved in the expansion and improvement of your own location.

The big advantage: losing weight while lying down can also be very well integrated into your own business. For example, if you already own a Power-Plate studio, EMS studio or gym, you can integrate the concept into your own studio. All you need is a separate room for the treatments. The appropriate target group is usually already a member of your studio, which makes the acquisition of new customers a lot easier. Therefore, many self-employed people in the fitness industry have already integrated weight loss while lying down into their business in order to multiply their sources of income.

Curious? For interested people Chris Steiner offers a free webinar, which shows you how to achieve high profits with new fitness and beauty trends and how to build a successful business.

It is to be expected that in the future, losing weight while lying down will also expand into other major European cities. This is not only because the treatment has already helped dozens of people. At the same time Chris has opened doors for many people who are already working independently and are finally their own boss!