Ellen DeGeneres accused of racism after Usain Bolt tweet

Ellen DeGeneres photo-shopped herself riding Usain Bolt's back.

American talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire for posting a tweet about Usain Bolt. The 58-year-old Oscar host took to Twitter to make a funny comment about the 29-year-old sprinter, following the Jamaican runner's win in the 100 meters at the Olympics.

In the photo-shopped image, DeGeneres is seen riding on the back of Bolt. The caption read: "This is how I'm running errands from now on. #Rio2016."

The Finding Dory star received backlash for the post and was tagged as insensitive and racist. One critic wrote: "@TheEllenShow @usainbolt So riding on his back like a mule, a horse as some form of property is fun to you... Ok."

Another wrote: "@TheEllenShow despite its intentions this pic has ugly connotations coming from a rich white lady."

Following the controversy, DeGeneres revealed that she did not intent to be mean. She tweeted: "I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. It is the furthest thing from who I am."

However, Bolt did not seem to be upset with the image and later reweeted it to his four million followers.