Elizabeth Hidalgo, How To Turn Storytelling Into A Marketing Collateral

Elizabeth Hidalgo

The impact of generated content is growing while that of influencer content is going down. 79% of people that use user-generated content have a high impact on their buying decision. Consumers have many ways now as compared to before to discover and research brands and products. Examples of user-generated content are images, comments, reviews, and videos from other users.

Clients are increasingly finding ways to do their research online by checking what other clients' experiences they have shared. We met with Elizabeth Hidalgo, the founder and CEO of Rise Digital Marketing Agency, an agency where creativity, belief of union, and execution are learned. She is a student at Yale School of Management, where she has completed a course in digital marketing certification. Additionally, she continuously invests her time to expand her knowledge at Yale School of Management.

Elizabeth explains how the story behind every business is what inspires one to produce content. " There is nothing more satisfying than being able to turn a story into a Marketing Collateral that others will be able to see." She says. They deliver Printed and digital content in a creative and innovative mind. Like everyone else, Elizabeth faced some challenges. The biggest challenge was failing to believe in herself enough and taking all things personally. "I am a firm believer that everything happens for us, not to us," she says.

Elizabeth is a specialist in branding and designing at Rising Digital Agency. She turns stories into marketing collateral that others will be able to look at. Something which makes her feel more satisfied. To those who want to find success in life, Elizabeth advises, "Have faith, and everything you want is on the other side of the things you hate doing but need to get done," she continues, "to be successful in life means to live a happy life. Doing what one loves and being willing to face the adversity that in return brings success."

A brand is what your business forms to be. Your brand stands out for what your business feels. Creating your brand image and working on your branding strategy should be something in your mind all through. In your way as a business owner. Make sure that you establish trust and authenticity through your brand. Let your brand carry your values and beliefs, and do it so that your customers believe and trust you.

"Everything you want is on the other side of the things you hate doing but need to get done," says Elizabeth as she concludes her exclusive interview by mentioning some of the upcoming projects. Being a visionary lady, she mentions that she wants to prioritise speaking to women on crucial topics like passion, entrepreneurship, and wellness. Secondly, she is continuously working with her team on another project to help the local business owners in Salt Lake City, Utah, to raise their brand. They aim to start the project by 2022.