ELIT3A - Helping people expand their reach throughout the Metaverse


Have we ever thought of a world where one's skills and expertise can help the other grow? Not really as yet, but now with the introduction of ELIT3A, this unique concept is brought into reality. The creators strongly believe that the world is full of talented individuals, with each having their own distinct skills which are unique in their own way. Keeping this in mind, they have created their project on the Metaverse which would help people exchange their skills and help each other in the process. They strongly believe that beauty and intelligence come in all shapes, sizes, skin colours and beliefs and each person existing on this earth has their own characteristics and expertise which are different from the other. The mission behind ELIT3A is to bring forward this vision from the real world into the Metaverse, through their unique project.

Speaking about this project, one of the team members informed us that the basic objective behind this project is to bring together a large community of people with distinct ethnicity onto Metaverse and gather their skills for the benefit of all. Members of the club will get access to a wide community of people with multiple skills spread across distinct areas who will help them grow. The club would be a one of its kind in the Metaverse which would be beneficial for a host of members who are associated with it as people would be able to expand their horizons, learning new things and exchange their skills with each other which would help them progress in their respective fields of work at a fast pace.

The collection on ELIT3A comprises a total of 8888 unique pieces which are designed by Augusto Ribeiro, a Netflix and Epic Games Designer. We can say that the project is surely going to make its mark and carve its own distinctive niche as it has a completely unique format which has never been tried out earlier.