Elijiah Pitman Shares3 Tips on How to Engage an Audience

Elijiah Pitman

Elijiah Pitman is currently the CEO and CMO of CloutMedia, an Australian-based social media marketing agency. Providing the best SMM service at the lowest price has led Cloutmedia to become an industry leader. Over the past three years, Elijiah has learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to grow an audience on social media platforms like Instagram. In the spirit of giving back, he has shared three tips on how you can successfully engage an audience through social media.

Know Your Audience

You will want to understand what kind of content your audience wants to see. When you zero in on what that is, you should keep churning out content they are looking forward to seeing and engaging with. You want to keep people excited and energized with the content you share, and the way to do that is to understand their taste.

If you're having trouble figuring out what they love, you can simply ask them. On Instagram, you can conduct polls, or just ask open-ended questions that let people mention the specific kinds of content they want to see more of.

Inspire People With Enriching Content

When running a social media page, you want to avoid turning it into something that is cluttered with posts of you trying to sell your products. Even though you may think that posting more about your products will lead to more products being sold, the opposite could actually become true. People will get turned off from you if you are continually pitching something.

Throw in a fair amount of inspiring and life-enriching content. When you place a whole lot of this kind of content on your page and use it as padding around your promotional posts, you won't lose followers like you would when you're in constant selling mode. Your audience will stay more relaxed and want to stick around to see the latest from you.

Provide Information About Your Niche

No matter what niche you're in, you should be sharing information about it to keep people on your page. Not only will you have people stick around instead of going to one of your competitors, but you will also educate your audience on everything relevant they may want to know.

Instead of people doing their own research, you can do it yourself and then share the results. People will come to you for information related to your niche, almost as if you were a news source. By taking the initiative and being the one sharing information about your industry or niche, you keep people staying on your page and not going elsewhere.

These are just three tips on how to engage an audience, but there is much more to know if you want to become a leader in your industry or niche. When you want to grow your audience easily with the help of a major SMM agency, then head over to Cloudmedia's website to learn more.