Eli Rossman Leverages Playlists to Skyrocket The Rossman Ensemble's Popularity

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Eli Rossman

Have you heard of The Rossman Ensemble? If you heard that question before December 2020, the answer would almost definitely be a resounding "No." However, through the power of playlisting, you may be able to say "Yes!" That is because the Christmas artist has been listened to over 7million times in December alone. Given its holidaystyle, it became an instant hit in homes around the world, leading to it landing at the 94th most popular holiday track on Spotify.

Eli Rossman is to thank for the success and growth of active fan bases for music artists like The Rossman Ensemble. With his masterful curation and adaptation of user-curated playlists, this in-house artist, among others, has gotten its turn in the limelight.

Altogether, Eli's Upturn Network has generated over 40 million streams from 7 million listeners. Numerous artists that have their songs on Spotify have seen active fan bases emerge and grow thanks to these captivating, taste-making playlists.

All of the listening and sharing of these homegrown playlists has led to a number of artists seeing their songs reach Spotify's top charts. For example, Eli managed to secure editorial placements on Spotify's "Viral 50" charts in four countries (Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and Panama), as well as seeing Upturn-promoted songs entering into Spotify's daily Top 200 in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and the Philippines.

Growing artists like Issana and The Rossman Ensemble is no small feat. Given how good he is at adapting playlists to go viral, Eli has established Upturn Network to get some help increasing exposure for relatively unknown artists who deserve their time in the spotlight.

Today, Upturn Network has more than 700,000 followers across all of its list, which is a massive following for any network of playlists. It targets high traffic and high listener retention playlists and develops a rapport with independent curators, leveraging these connections to platform independent artists. The success that Eli has seen with Upturn Network has led to him being a kingmaker of sorts for great music that he feels should be heard by way more people than it currently is.

Eli loves music and is passionate about creating playlists that showcase incredible music most people have never heard of before. He plans on expanding his positive influence on Spotify, and the Upturn Network is a major way he is plans on growing in 2021, expanding into English-speaking genres.

Eli's focus is on artist and streaming growth through the tremendous power of playlisting. Spotify has turned playlists into a powerful tool that have the ability to explode and cement the success of little-known independent and unsigned music artists. Eli looks forward to increasing the exposure of many more such artists over the coming months as the playlisting landscape evolves.