Electric Mobility Will Lower Petrol Costs and Air Pollution in India

Electric mobility

Electric mobility is the future of transportation in India, and the public is slowly embracing it. With the level of air pollution rising every day and the cost of petrol and diesel going up, an alternate mode of transportation in electric vehicles can help Indians save money in the long run.

The air pollution crisis in India is in such a disastrous condition that some states have to ban people from burning firecrackers during festivals. The AQI index is at an all-time high in India, and environmentalists believe car smoke contributes heavily to air pollution. Goldstone Prasad, the software company Goldstone Engineering, if India wants to minimize air pollution, it should immediately embrace electric mobility.

Although the country is already recording massive sales for electric vehicles, environmentalists say that India still has a long way to go lower its AQI. Adopting electric mobility will take time, especially since many people remain unaware of its benefits. For example, many people can't think of riding cars without fuel. Electric vehicle manufacturers need to educate these people about why electric mobility is essential and benefit from using these over time.

From saving petrol costs over time to keeping the environment clean, people need to understand why the first world countries are shifting towards electric mobility and gradually reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

The mastermind behind this plan, Dr. Prasad, says, "Sure, India will take time to adapt to the new type of transportation. But it gives me immense joy when I see electric buses, scooters, and cycles running on our roads. It gives us hope that we can collectively make this happen, and finally lower petrol costs to make life more affordable for everyone.

People have a misconception that electric cars would cost a lot. Sure, there's some truth in this statement. But you need to see the other side of the coin also. Investing in an electric car means you don't need to pay for fuel anymore. You can use solar energy or wind energy to charge the batteries. That would also lower the dependence on natural resources for electricity at your home. You will see that what you invest today will slowly and steadily get recovered in the next few years since you will save so much from so many different avenues."

About Goldstone Prasad: India is going through one of the most challenging times amidst the worsening air pollution and rising fuel costs. Dr. Prasad takes on the massive challenge of informing the general public about the need for electric mobility and why it's the best choice moving forward. He believes that India can fight these problems and combat global warming. Dr. Prasad now focuses his time and energy on educating the public and working with environmentalists to ensure that electric vehicles will become the primary mode of transportation in India in the foreseeable future.