Elderly woman may face jail term for stealing from blind tissue seller in Yishun

Woman arrested for stealing car
Woman arrested for stealing property (Representational picture ) Pixabay

Police arrested a woman, aged 64, on Wednesday, May 8 as she allegedly stole money from a blind tissue seller near Yishun MRT station.

As per the eyewitness, the incident took place on April 30 at around 7.20 pm at an underpass between Northpoint City mall and the MRT station.

Another woman, Jessica Vincen, took pictures of the alleged accused and the blind seller. Later, she posted those images on Facebook. Those images showed the victim was seated on ground while holding a bag, with a box of tissue packets which she was selling.

Vincen came to know about the incident after the blind lady started to cry at the location to seek help. When the woman went to ask the seller what happened, she stated that someone snatched her bag in which she had kept the money she made on that day. I'll

Another person, who was present at the location and chased the female suspect, told Vincen that first, the woman argued that she did not steal anything from the blind seller and then fled from the scene.

In the same Facebook post, Vincent said that soon after she found out what happened, she lodged police complaint and the police said they will look into this matter.

As per the police, they started their investigation process after a report was made last Thursday, May 2 and arrested the suspected offender, who is an elderly woman, at Woodlands Street 12.

If the unnamed suspect is found guilty of theft, she's will face a jail term up to three years, a fine, or both.

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