Elderly woman dies after being hit by flying lorry tyre in Malaysia

The police are trying to track down the vehicle involved in the accident.

Elderly woman dies after being hit by flying lorry tyre in Malaysia
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An elederly woman was killed in the garden of her own house by a flying lorry tyre that broke loose from the vehicle on Friday. The victim, Mariaty Bakar, died on the spot.

Supt Wan Jamil Wan Chik, Perak traffic investigation and enforcement department head, said the incident occurred at 6.30pm at Km 12 Jalan Ayer Tawar-Beruas, Kampung Bakar Bata in Manjung, Malaysia. The woman's body was sent to Seri Manjung hospital for a post-mortem.

"We are in the midst of tracking down the heavy vehicle," Chik told Bernama on Saturday.

Maisuri Ahmad, the youngest daughter of the victim, said when the mishap took place, she was watching television in the house.

"There was a loud bang outside. I rushed out and saw my mother sprawled on the grass and bleeding from her ears," the 24-year-old daughter said.

According to Maisuri, several villagers have seen the tyre hit her mother before it crashed into a motorcycle and wrecked a sundry shop that was located 50m away.

"The tyre was so big. It took more than six men to load it onto a police lorry," she added.

On Friday, both Maisuri and her husband had returned to her parents house to join the family convoy to send off Mazni, her newly-wed sister, to her groom's house on Saturday.