Elder Fernandes: Another Fort Hood Solider Goes Missing; Police, Army Call for Public Help

The missing soldier's aunt says his last interaction was with his mother.

Elder Fernandes, a 23-year-old army Sergeant posted at Fort Hood, has been reported missing by the authorities. Fernandes' family claimed that they haven't heard from him since August 17. The missing soldier was commissioned with the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade.

The Killeen police has asked general public to help them in finding the missing soldier. Stating that their primary concern is to ensure the well-being of Fernandes, the 1st Cavalry Division also asked for public support in the search operation.

Fernandes' Car and Belongings Still at Fort Hood

Hailing from Massachusetts, Fernandes recently bought a car which along with his other documents and belongings, were found at the post by the authorities.

Speaking to ABC 13, the missing soldier's aunt, Isabel Fernandes, said that his last interaction was with his mother. "This is very, very unusual. He has been in touch with us since last week. I personally spoke to him Friday morning. He spoke with his mom this past Sunday and he promised he would call on Monday," said the aunt. "Monday came and went and he didn't call, and he didn't answer calls from anyone else. Tuesday, no calls and my sister ended up flying down there yesterday, and still we haven't heard from him," she added.

The outlet reported that the search operation was pressed after Fernandes' mother reached her son's post and pressed the military authorities.

Measuring 5'4" and weighing an approximate 133 pounds, Fernandes was last seen wearing black Army physical training shorts and a T-shirt with red athletic shoes. He was last seen by his staff sergeant on Monday afternoon when he dropped Fernandes at his Killeen residence in the 2700 block of Woodlands Drive, reported KXXV.

Spate of Missing and Dead Soldiers

Fernandes' name adds to list of another soldier going missing from Fort Hood. The US Army Criminal Investigation Division authorities stated that they have searched the entire division area, including the motor pools, parking lots, and headquarters buildings to search for the missing soldier, before calling for public support.

Recently, Fort Hood was in the spotlight after dismembered remains of another Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen were found in a canal. The victim was reported missing since April 22. A fellow soldier had killed Guillen with a hammer before dismembering and disposing the body with his lover.

In June, the skeletal remains of Pvt Gregory Morales, who reportedly went missing in August last year, were found in the Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The U.S. Army officials found the body of another solider Mejhor Morta, lying near the same lake on July 17. He was reported missing a day ago.

Another solider, Brandon Rosecrans, 27, was found dead with a gun-shot wound on May 18. His burnt jeep was found parked next to his body. Last week, Last week, a 22-year-old soldier, Cole Jakob Aton, 22, died from injuries while helping at accident site in Killeen.

Anyone with information on Fernandes's whereabouts can contact the Fort Hood Military Police at 254-288-1170 or U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Department at 254-287-2722.