Eight-figure Millennial Entrepreneur Farhan Munshi Shares the Biggest Lessons He Learned

Farhan Munshi

When you become an eight-figure business owner like 23-year-old Farhan Munshi, you have already experienced both extraordinary success and depressing failures. However, what sets apart people like Farhan who got to those eight-figure earnings and those who don't are the lessons they take away from their failures.

Even though he is young, Farhan has quite a bit of wisdom to share. That's due to him achieving so much in so little time. You could say he accomplished more in the past five years than most people do in their entire lifetimes.

In the spirit of helping others achieve the same level of success as he has, Farhan shared some of the biggest lessons he received from his journey as an entrepreneur.

Farhan learned that having the right mindset is essential in leading a business to success. Farhan sees mindset as not only is fundamental to a successful business but the key to success for attaining any goal in life. He was motivated from a young age to become his own boss. This motivation mindset is what separated him from his peers in high school, who were more motivated to party and play video games.

Another lesson he learned is that parents don't always know what's best for their children. That one can be harsh for some parents to hear, but it's true from Farhan's experience. His parents wanted him to become a doctor since they believed that would allow him to have a comfortable life and a secure salary. They would have loved to see him enroll in medical school. However, Farhan was all-in on eCommerce and would prove to his parents that it was the superior choice.

Even though he won't be walking down the halls of any hospitals any time soon, his name might be in one. He got the idea of doing something for at least one hospital after driving past one. He hopes to one day help out the place that he spent time when he was younger. This is more of a long-term goal for him. Right now, he wants to focus on scaling his business even further and expanding the financial freedom he enjoys today.

Another major lesson he learned had to do with not letting fear control him. Once he was able to overcome fear, he could take the steps necessary to grow his business and improve his life. This is what led to the stunning success he enjoys today. Having the right mindset, while focusing on success, was the key to attaining the eight figures of revenue his company has today.

If Farhan's success story tells us anything, it's that you can achieve your dreams no matter how old you are or what your background is. The only thing stopping you is the fear that creates artificial obstacles in your way to actualizing your dreams.

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