EgyptAir flight MS804: Human remains suggest blast on board, says forensic expert

French authorities earlier confirmed smoke detectors went off in the flight before crash.

Human remains found from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 clearly indicate that an explosion took place on board, a senior Egyptian forensic official has said.

French authorities had earlier confirmed that smoke detectors went off in the flight before it crashed but the exact cause of the disaster has not been confirmed yet.

The authorities from Egypt said on Friday the navy had found body parts, wreckage and personal belongings of passengers floating in the Mediterranean. This was the first confirmation that the EgyptAir jet with 66 people on board had plunged into the sea.

The Civil Aviation Ministry said in a statement: "The Egyptian navy was able to retrieve more debris from the plane, some of the passengers' belongings, human remains, and plane seats.

However, unconfirmed reports about flight data had pointed to problems the pilot may have struggled with minutes before the crash.

On the other hand, Egypt's aviation minister had pointed to terrorism as a more likely cause than technical failure.