Egyptian aviation investigators will be able to repair the memory units of the black box recorder of the EgyptAir flight that crashed last month into the Mediterranean Sea, officials said.

The extracted data from the memory units of both the Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder should help the authorities to explain the reason behind the crash that killed all 66 passengers on board.

A senior investigation official told Reuters that the repairs will be completed "within hours" and then only the Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee of Egypt will be able to determine how easy it will be to get the data out of it.

Last week, the search teams recovered both the black box recorders from the Mediterranean Sea but the investigators said that both the devices were highly damaged and they will have to repair those before they could be transcribed.

The cockpit recorder should be able to reveal information about many things such as pilot conversations, cockpit alarms if any, and other clues like engine noise. However, experts think that it might provide a limited insight about the cause of the plane crash.

The memory chip of the data recorder, which was found in good condition, will be able to help the investigators in determining the cause.