A Egypt-based Young Digital Artist Mohamed Abdelhay Is Mentoring Youth

Mohamed Abdelhay

Gaining global fame as an artist, digital artist ,digital creator, digital marketing expert, and influencer at the young age of just 24, Egypt-born Mohamed Abdelhay is now doing the rounds on Instagram as a youth icon.

Abdelhay has already gathered a large number of followers on Instagram handle and is also rendering services to his followers and well-wishers by restoring their old and defaced photographs without any fee.

A talented digital creator and artist, Abdelhay is trying to develop his birthplace Egypt as a global destination of digital art.as he also help a lot of influencers and artist to be shown in their field and make them popular. This ancient land of pyramids and other wonders have a lot to offer for art and photography.

Besides, the natural wonders of Egypt are also something that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Egypt is already a global travel destination due to the pyramid and other historical wonders.

A talented artist, Mohamed Abdelhay has already created a niche for himself in digital art and computer graphics, which are widely used for business promotion and marketing products and services.
He even trains the young entrepreneurs in specializing in their core areas of competence and knowledge with the help of creative art thus helping them very actively to reach success goals in business.

Mohamed Abdelhay even suggests his followers on Instagram specialize in their areas of core competence as this is now essential for growth as the new world is that of specialization.

An expert in digital restoration of old ,photo editing and digital , worn out and distorted photographs, Abdelhay restores and designs them to offer a new look in them. Such old photographs have great sentimental value to people.

Mohamed Abdelhay also make a lot of collaborations with famous photographers and models from all over the world you can check the collaborations work on his profile.

On being requested by people to restore such photographs, he does it without charging any money thus making it a part of his philanthropy.

Academically also, Abdelhay has excelled in completing his Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Design and also Bachelor's Degree in Business from the prestigious MSA University.