Edouard Phillipe Steps Down From PM's Post Despite Having Support From Half of French Voters

Phillipe has never been for the policies of Macron and guided France through the pandemic regularly, interacting with the people, imparting confidence in them to fight the situation

The President of France Emmanuel Macron has accepted the resignation of Edouard Phillipe and his government on Friday. Speculations were long being made that the President is planning a reshuffle, through which he aims to change the governance, in order to bring in reforms that can boost France's economy.

However, more than 55 percent of citizens in France are already of the opinion that Phillipe was one of the best prime ministers in time, who handled the coronavirus situation in the country, sensibly.

An advocate by profession, 49-year-old Phillipe was chosen the Prime Minister of France in 2017, but he chose ways very different from the working principles of the ruling La République En Marche (Republic on the Move), that is headed by President Macron. Phillipe by far stands for the ecology and pro-people ideologies that are said to have collided with Macron's tactics in handling the local municipal elections.

Macron Accepts Resignation of Phillipe

Edouard Philippe
Edouard Philippe Twitter/Edouard Philippe

Macron's centrist party faced a major defeat in the municipal elections of France. Just before France had announced the lockdown on March 17, Green candidates swept most votes across France and Macron had to settle with his unpopularity locally, even when he represents the nation as a President. During such a time, PM Phillipe was voted as the Mayor of Le Havre, the Northwestern port city.

Moreover, Macron measured Phillipe's popularity among the countrymen, as the President of France has never been promising since 2017. Phillipe ensured that he was interacting with the populace during the lockdown, where he addressed the nation on television and on French radio channels.

Macron Always a Critique of Phillipe

He also is said to have different versions of unlocking the eight-week shutdown, with President Macron. The President has always been a critique of Phillipe's way of working and that was clearly shown in his tweet on Friday, in which he wrote, "It's a shame, like majority of French people, I was starting to get attached to Edouard." Here's the tweet

While Macron focussed on building another party with most young candidates, he had to face a sudden disappointment earlier this year. Seven of the MPs whom Macron took to be his loyals departed from his party and formed a party naming it Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity (EDS) – clearly to recognize the need of the nation, to promote ecological awareness and moreover they sought higher pay for daily wage workers.

Macron however had 288 seats, one less to form the majority in the lower house of 577 seats. Phillipe who has been for the people of France has almost 60 of the citizens standing for him. Hours from now, the reshuffling will take place, until then, Phillipe is heading the interim government.

A statement from President's stay Elysee Palace read, "Mr Édouard Philippe has today handed his resignation from the government to the president of the republic who has accepted it. He will remain, with other members of the government, to deal with current matters until the nomination of a new government."

Phillipe Can be Re-Elected as PM

The Director of French Institute of Public Opinion, Jérôme Fourquet hinted that "Macron has taken another, more majestic approach and tried to play de Gaulle with his talk of 'war' against the virus , but it hasn't worked. It has just made him seem disconnected and remote. This is what we are seeing in the polls."

Jerome hailed the way Phillipe has represented his authority to the people in France by talking to them more practically over what will be his next step. Jerome pointed out that has given confidence to people here to deal with the pandemic however for Macron – things were more isolated as even he was.

Meanwhile, there are all chances that Phillipe can be re-elected as the PM if the people of France don't find anything appealing in the possible contenders – the foreign minister or defense minister Florence Parly, Jean-Yves Le Drian or for that matter Michel Barnier, chief EU Brexit negotiator – who is said to be looking forward to replacing Phillipe.

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