Editage expands its global footprint with offices in Singapore, London

Editage Expands its Global Footprint With Offices in Singapore and London Pixabay

Editage inaugurated its new office in the central business district of Singapore. The global scholarly communications company has increased its physical presence in South East Asia by setting up an office at Chevron House, a well-known skyscraper in Raffles Place, Singapore.

Being a customer-centric company, Editage has grown organically by catering to their clients through localization. In Asia, Editage's customer base has been growing at a rapid pace and a presence in South East Asia is expected to only hasten the pace of this growth.

Cactus Communications, Editage's parent company, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and has already inaugurated three new workspaces in the last fiscal quarter alone. When asked about Editage's aggressive expansion in a milestone year, Abhishek Goel, Co-founder and CEO, Editage, replied succinctly, "Singapore is an important business hub in South East Asia, and we expect our customer base to grow much faster in this region. Singapore's unique time zone and business-friendly environment helps us serve our clients faster and interact more efficiently with our freelancers and contractors. We have grown over the past 15 years because we have always understood the importance of localized offices and a local workforce. We hope to continue in the same manner."

Since Singapore and China share time zones, this new workspace indicates Editage's growing customer base in China. Recently, Editage also set up an office in London, UK to increase its physical presence in Europe. An increased presence in Europe and Asia will help Editage strengthen relationships with authors as well as publishers; thereby, acting as a bridge between Asian authors and Western publishers.

About Editage

Founded in 2002, Editage (a division of Cactus Communications) is a global scholarly communications company with offices in Japan, China, South Korea, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United States. Employing a global in-house workforce of over 750, Editage has served over 230,000 authors and edited over 810,000 papers across 1,200 disciplines to date. Editage aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research. In addition to offering high-end scientific communication solutions, Editage is actively involved in author education through its comprehensive author resources site Editage Insights.