Edible marijuana will affect cardiovascular system among older adults: study


A new study report published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology has revealed that edible marijuana is not as safe as previously assumed. The new study report comes at a juncture when the concept of marijuana legalization is sweeping all across the United States, and it has made many people think that weed is the safest recreational drug which can be used. Some people even believe that the health benefits of marijuana literally outweighs its risk when used in control.

However, the new study report says that edible marijuana may sometimes compromise the cardiovascular health of users, especially among older adults. Researchers who took part in this study made this conclusion after analyzing a patient who developed severe chest pain and myocardial ischemia after eating marijuana lollipop.

It should be noted that the man consumed an entire marijuana lollipop, which contained a staggering 90 milligrams of THC, and this amount is twelve times more than THC which is present in a common joint. After consuming the lollipop, the man developed fearful hallucinations, and it was soon followed by crushing chest pain.

"Marijuana can be a useful tool for many patients, especially for pain and nausea relief. At the same time, like all other medications, it does carry risks and side effects," said Alexandra Saunders, a top researcher at the Dalhousie University in Canada, Live Science reports.

Even though the man had a history of heart problems, due to the medications he has been taking for the past two years, he was leading a normal life without any cardiovascular disorders. Experts believe that the excessive intake of marijuana is the reason behind developing a sudden heart attack.

In the study report, researchers also urged authorities to look more into the effects of different formulations of marijuana, especially among the aging population.