Edgerunners: How NFTs have played a key role to amplify philanthropy globally


Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become a powerful charity fundraising tool for nonprofits across the globe. As per start-up and investment decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Edgerunners, NFTs have played a key role in amplifying philanthropy globally by collaborating with celebrities and reaching out to the masses to raise funds. Edgerunners share that NFTs have filled the digital gap between philanthropists and the causes they support. NFTs thrive on blockchain technology and have brought much-needed transparency and safety to the nonprofits as well as donors, add Edgerunners.

Experts at Edgerunners believe that NFTs have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. From being an art collector's prized possession as a digital asset on a blockchain ledger, NFTs have made their way into various causes. They have brought people together to support them. "These digital collectibles are more than artwork; they have garnered millions in digital auctions for charities," says an Edgerunners community member.

Edgerunners has built a strong community of like-minded blockchain technology enthusiasts who work closely to bring bright ideas to life. The decentralized autonomous organization aims to develop products and brands that can bring about excitement and value to its community. Edgerunners share that various NFT projects combine their passion with philanthropy. They pledge a certain percentage of their sales towards social issues they care about. The creators aim to leave an impact on the world while driving their projects towards success.

As numerous NFTs globally sell in thousands if not millions, the creators and artists want to play their part towards charity and social good. By donating a portion of their revenues that run in millions, these NFT projects support humanitarian causes and pass on the earnings to those in need.