Ed Sheeran plans to move to New Zealand, seeks citizenship

Ed Sheeran plans to move there with his girlfriend as he finds the country to the safest in the world.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is planning to move to New Zealand. Pinterest

Popular English singer Ed Sheeran likes New Zealand so much that he is planning to shift permanently to the country and it is very likely that the 'Castle of the Hill' hitmaker's girlfriend will also accompany him. The singer who basically hails from Framlingham, Suffolk, England went to the Pacific country during his year long break up from the music industry. He liked the place so much that he even enquired about the citizenship of New Zealand.

Confirming the news, Ed Sheeran said, "I did ask for citizenship and I think we got an email from someone involved with that. So maybe that's going to happen. I could be a citizen."

Ed humourously also mentioned how safe he finds the country to be and said that even in the case of world war he would remain safe in New Zealand for "no-one is going to be bothered to come that far to invade". In an interview to Daily Star newspaper, the singer said, "I've always said that if a world war breaks out, the one place I would go to is New Zealand because no-one is going to be bothered to come that far to invade. They'll be like, 'Ah, we'll leave them be.'"

It is also being speculated that Ed Sheeran will be accompanied by his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, if he makes a permanent move to the country. The singer also confirmed that he feels "pretty good" about the possibility of marrying his girlfriend. Ed said: "I'm pretty ... yeah I feel pretty good about it ... Yeah, potentially. I would like some kids." Ed also said that he feels happy and secure in the relation and revealed the pair have got pet cats together.

"I'm actually the happiest I've been and it's because I had a year to spend with someone. I've always started relationships then gone off on tour. I spent every day for a year with this certain person, we kind of have a strong relationship now which is good. I'm really secure now, we live together and we have cats, and I think when you have cats that's kind of it," said the singer, as reported.

This article was first published on February 20, 2017