Singer Ed Sheeran has objected to his neighbour's plans to extend his garden. Sheeran has boycotted his neighbour Tony Robinson's building work application because it runs too close to the boundary of his estate, reports

Was on the wrong side before

Funnily, it was the Perfect hitmaker, who was on the wrong end of a building application almost about two years ago, when his neighbours objected to his plans for an outdoor sauna and other upgrades on his compound, which features four guest houses, a football pitch and a pub. The neighbours also challenged Sheeran's plan to build a chapel on the grounds, but he won approval in 2019.

Ed Sheeran
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Garden would look "out of place"

Sheeran's property manager Paul Smith objected to Robinson's application, claiming the new garden development would look "out of place" and would "extend the village into the countryside in an unplanned and artificial way," according to

"I am very disappointed as I formally supported his last planning application to build his chapel in the adjacent field right under my oak tree," Robinson says.