Ed Sheeran to form a new musical band: Will he include Korean members?

Ed Sheeran is taking auditions for his new boy band.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is taking auditions for his new music group. Pinterest

Ed Sheeran has shared his plans of forming his own music group. The singer wants to form a new boy band, with at least three to four members.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ed revealed that he plans to make a special debut with the musical group and has also written multiple songs for it. However, the Shape of You singer will not be in the group himself, and is only planning that the group will accompany him in his tours.

The singer is still in the process of auditioning the members for his debut group. He said that the group will be "really, really decent. Superpop, but obviously credible. I'm gonna put three or four boys together and do all the songs, take them on the stadium tour with me.'"

The singer has already confessed that he has been influenced by PSY and follows Korean music and K-pop songs. Talking about his experience with PSY, the singer said: "Basically the 'Sing' video is based on a night out I had with him, and loads of his Korean mates. I went out on this night out with Psy and everyone was wearing a Psy mask in a Korean restaurant and they were all Korean and all wearing a Psy mask and I didn't know which one was Psy, I had no clue. I eventually found out who Psy was and he's just a monster when it comes to...there's this Korean drink called Soju and so anyway I had this night out and that's what inspired the 'Sing' video with all the dancing and karaoke and stuff."

With the new plans of Ed making a new musical group, there have been a lot of speculations that the singer could include one or two Korean members in the band.

This article was first published on March 10, 2017